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Welcome to Firequip

We welcome you to our redesigned website which has been completely revised and updated to provide our customers with a new informative experience, an expanded and much improved user-friendly resource. We encourage you to use our website for determining the exact specifications of hose for each firefighting and industrial application. We are striving to provide an informative, fact-based, and easy-to-use web resource to assist you in matching the right hose to the desired application for your complete customer satisfaction.

This is only one key component of our continuous improvement commitment to provide the highest quality hose for every firefighting and industrial application, competitive pricing, best delivery times in the industry, and superior customer service. In 2012, Firequip earned the distinction of being ISO 9001:2008 certified for our “dual quality control” program with hose being tested to NFPA Standards 1961, latest edition, at our factories as well as in our assembly and testing facility located in Burlington, North Carolina.

We are particularly pleased to announce our diversification into lay flat hose, couplings, adaptors and accessories for the oil and gas, refinery, and agriculture industries. We encourage you to explore our full-line of fire hose and industrial applications in the downloadable pdf format of our Quality Hose brochure as well as our Industrial Hose brochure. In each respective brochure, you will find easy access to different options of hose, couplings, adaptors, and accessories. Each product summary allows you to drill down to detailed product specifications for your comparative evaluation of each hose to match your operating requirements.

We have provided helpful articles such as “How to Buy Fire Hose” and the “Proper Care and Handling of Hose” and “How To” videos in the Additional Information section. These will serve as a guide for selecting the right hose to meet your desired application as well as prolonging the life of a significant investment. Purchasing hose is one of the most important decisions you have in providing a reliable source of water in every fire ground situation, protecting not only your firemen but enabling them to protect the people and property of your community. These “lifelines” remain the most critical pieces of equipment in your arsenal and these decisions of types and sizes must be made after careful assessment of all options. In order to make a fact-based, informed decision, please call on our experience of thirty-five years of serving the fire service industry for our free consulting services.

As you review our website, please contact us with any suggestions or recommendations for further improvement. We look forward to serving you for all of your hose requirements.

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