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STATEMENT: FireQuip Full Flow is a tough heavy duty hose but lightweight that provides very low friction loss with maximum flow. It is manufactured with 100% high tenacity ring-spun polyester yarn making it tough and abrasion resistant. The special lining process of thru-the-weave extruded polyurethane liner has a smooth surface. The waterway is smooth, filling in the corrugations of the weave, which results in low friction loss, with more water to the fire at lower pump pressure. Full Flow is light and compact but yet extremely heavy duty. FireQuip Full Flow puts greater volumes of water to the fire without over-working the firefighter or the fire engine.


  • 100% High Tenacity Ring Spun Polyester Outer Jacket covering an extruded thru-the-weave polyurethane inner liner.
  • Available with Wearguard
  • Temperature Range: -40 degrees F to 150 degrees F
  • Passes the 34” doorway kink test at 50psi nozzle pressure
  • Can be used for CAFS and other foam options
  • Made in USA

WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants the hose to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten years. This warranty shall provide for the repair or replacement of hose and couplings proven to have failed due to faulty material or workmanship.



Double Jacket

Thermo-Polyurethane (TPU) Lined

Ultra Lightweight-Higher GPM

Construction Applications
  • Outer Jackets – 100% High Tenacity Polyester
  • Lining – Specially developed polyurethane bonded weave process. Both warp and filler yarns are permanently bonded with urethane to form a unitized liner
  • Protective Treated Coating: WearGuard
  • NFPA 1901 Pump Panel Colors: Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Lime Green, White (Treated)
  • High Rise Packs
  • Master Stream Appliances
  • Municipal Attack and Supply
  • Relay Pumping
  • Crash/Fire Rescue
  • Industrial Fire Fighting
  • Potable Water Transfer
  • All Cold Weather Applications. -55F
Performance Features Standard Length
  • Lightweight/Space Saving: Requires less space, lighter weight than standard double jack hose, easier to handle
  • Flow Characteristics: Extremely low friction loss. High flow.
  • Kink Resistant: Self-straightening when charged. Can be backed out thought a 34″ doorway without kinking
  • Color Coding: Immediate identification and communication of hose lines between pump operator and nozzle man
  • No Delamination: Lining material is permanently bonded to wrap and filler yarns. No Adhesives Used
  • Ten-Year Warranty

50′, 100′

Hose Size Bowl Size Proof Test
Pressure (psi)
Service Test
Pressure (psi)
Burst Test
Pressure (psi)
Weight 50’
1 ¾” 2 3/16” 800 400 1200 19 lbs.
2” 2 5/16” 800 400 1200 21 lbs.
2 ½” 2 7/8” 800 400 1200 30 lbs.
3” 3 9/16” 600 300 900 35 lbs.
4” 4 17/32” 600 300 900 50 lbs.
5” 5 3/8” 600 300 900 62 lbs.